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About NC Stump Grinding

Owner Operated Stump Grinding & Root Removal Company

Serving North Raleigh, Wake Forest, Rolesville, Youngsville, Franklinton, Creedmoor, Wilton, Grissom, Northern Durham and all the surrounding areas.

We are a trustworthy, reliable and fully insured Stump Grinding Company with exceptional reviews,
providing professional Stump Grinding Services

NC Stump Grinding is operated by owner Shawn Gordon. “My mission is to complete your stump grinding project in a safe & proficient manner while providing the highest quality customer service in the stump grinding business.”

With multiple years of local stump grinding experience, you can count on NC Stump Grinding to deliver on our promises. Call today and experience the #1 Rated Stump Grinding Company in Wake Forest & North Raleigh on Google.


Meet the

Carlton SP7015 Tree Stump Grinder

The Carlton SP7015 is the most powerful and versatile self-propelled portable grinder

made, while bieng quieter, smoother and more efficient. More about the SP7015:











Stump Grinding Process

Our Stump Grinder (Carlton SP7015) is a high-tech, professional machine that will mechanically remove the entire tree stump buy turning it to mulch. A stump grinder is a heavy piece of machinery that should only be operated by a licensed, trained and highly experienced professional like those at NC Stump Grinding.

Powered by a 66 HP Turbocharged 4 Cylinder Kubota Diesel Engine, with a hydraulic arm housing a grinding wheel with 32 (Hard Micro Structure Carbide) Razor Teeth, we can quickly and efficiently remove any size stump.

Grinding a stump is more efficient, effective and usually costs less than other forms of removal. Some use harsh chemicals or acids to dissolve the stump, which is dangerous and harmful to the environment while other techniques involve burning the stump which can be equally as dangerous – and neither are as thorough.

Even simply pulling up the stump is more labor intensive (expensive) and leaves a huge hole to be dealt with. Grinding the stump leaves healthy mulch to fill the whole that can even be used around your yard!

NC Stump Grinding is the most reviewed company in North Carolina, proudly boasting a 5 Star rating on Google. We are attentive, professional, on time and competitively priced, while still ensuring we only use the finest stump grinding equipment available.

Our Mission:
“To complete your stump grinding project in a safe & proficient manner while providing the highest quality customer service in the stump grinding business.” Shawn Gordon Owner/Operator


Removing a stump is essential for your yards health. Termites, ants, beetles and other bugs will nest in stump as it decays, in addition to several forms of fungus and mold.

A stump is like an iceberg, the majority of it is underneath! We chase down those roots ensuring the area is clean and healthy.
Yes! There is nothing left in that area to impede new plants, or tree growth.

No, while our machine is heavy, it was specially designed for this job and distributes the weight evenly, only exerting 11.5 pounds of pressure per square inch . Watch our stump grinding videos, she is as gentle as a ballerina – unless you’re a stump!

Again, this is a very specialized machine and the best of its kind. Easily fits a standard 36” gate and has four wheel drive with plenty of power to get anywhere it needs to go! No stump is safe!

Yes, you can. However, stump grinding is dangerous and can be messy. Not to mention it most likely will not save you money over our services. We are competitively priced and use specialized equipment that is VERY expensive, providing better, faster and more economical results.

The average small stump grinder rental is about $300 a day, plus you need to factor pick up, drop off and fuel consumption. We are already competitive, without factoring your labor and the quality of the job.

Most of the stump is underground, and these small rental grinders do not go very deep! 6″ minimum is recommended just to replant grass, while we would recommend 8-10″. Even deeper for large plants or trees.

Renting a stump grinder is simply not an economic option.